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Come and join Oriana as she learns how to handle her troublesome family members and strange new friends, who all seem to bring new and unwanted stress to her life.Twelve-year-old Jacques’s mother has passed away, his father is jobless and drinking again and his grandmother’s bridal store is on the verge of going out of business.As you walk down aisles and aisles of books, that one cover catches your eye.There’s a couple gazing longingly into each other’s eyes or perhaps it’s just hands inches from touching.I’ll admit, I’ve never actually seen a couple that depicted any relationships I’ve been in (I, for one, am a dark skinned Black Cubana and most of the people I’ve dated have been white or mixed race Latinxs) or any couples that didn’t feature a non-white love interest (Cuz I mean Interracial doesn’t just mean dating white) but boy oh boy these are the covers that make me bargain my soul with bookstore owners promising them my first born child.Compiling this list was loads of fun and while I spent all week working on it, I’m sure there were some that I missed.

I asked readers in the comments to share any they could think of, and Libertad Araceli Thomas, who I had the honor of meeting at Kid Lit Con in 2014, commented with a long list. This is an outstanding look at interracial romance in YA (and a little middle grade, too! She knows her stuff, and anyone looking for books with or featuring interracial romance — you can do no better than this!

He is her only living family member and she will risk her life to find him. Laia and Elias’ paths cross when Laia goes undercover as a slave at Elias’ military school to get information on her brother.

Devorah is a good girl from a Hasidic home and Jax is a nerdy kid uncomfortable around girls.

by Sarah Ockler After a serious accident left singer Elyse mute, she decides to live a life of solitude.

During a party Elyse meets Christian, a playboy who doesn’t treat her like glass.

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Captain Slate is fiercely searching for a map from 1868 to go back into time to save his one true love. Aaron has a girlfriend who loves him but his friends aren’t always supportive.