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Sex zolosex

No periods, no pain and by taking HRT no menopause symptoms either.

Have my life back ""Stopped periods as expected great news no more heavy bleeding stopped chronic pain that dropped me to my knees when standing or moving Downsides are memory loss, chronic fatigue, bone pain, loss of hair, sore breasts I'm on zoladex 3.6 once a month with HRT injection number 4 Overall I'm in less pain but still struggling with every day tasks and to carry on working as a normal healthy 36 year old woman should be able to roll on coming off this drug and having my hysterectomy""I was given an injection of this after a week long stay in hospital for extreme pain due to endometriosis.

Learn more about Zoladex."This is a question for my Pop, he currently has cancer and is using Zoladex injections once a month, his Doctor has told him he needs a break from it for a while.

Why would they suggest a break from treatment and also will the cancer spread and make him worse???

It has stopped the inflammation of the endometriosis which is growing all over my womb and ligaments and I'm not bleeding every 21 days!

My skin in perfect my nails strong and weight has stayed the same despite an increase in appetite !

The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy.

While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners in patient care.

Please stop getting doctors to postpone proper treatment with this.""Have been on zoladex once a month injections for a year now. Terrible joint pain, hot flushes, bowel habit changes, bad mood swings, complete lack of sex drive, depression that drive me to contemplate my place on earth, lethargy . Prior to zoladex I had an ablation where they burnt off my womb lining. Make your choice as the side effects are really awful but the pain I suffered was so life limiting .

No heaving floods or crippling cramps and bowel pain!

Also just started Taking the Tipolone to counteract bone issues just dreading the last zoladex injection and getting my periods back for that three month stop gap. But side affects have been hot flushes and anxiety hoping tipolone works.""This drug has been good, it has stopped my periods & pain I was getting..

Please help, Thank you.""I have been on this injection for three months and it has changed my life!

I wake up happy not worrying about what day of the month it is and being totally pain free From this awful disease!

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It made the month running up to surgery miserable for me and those around me.

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