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Stand-alone video cards have their own supply of dedicated memory, are always faster, and always of higher quality.

The only pro to on-board GPU's is the conservation of space and expansion room inside the computer.

Each competes to develop the latest and greatest chip for graphical rendering and display.

The driver contains the instructions for a video card that provides it with the functionality to produce results on the screen.That interface is written in a graphical code that the video card then processes and displays on screen.The video driver tells the video card how to understand the size of the screen, how to differentiate between the thousands of pixles on a screen and how to interpret the complex graphical code that completes an image.There are two ways to implement a video card in a computer: on-board (integrated) and stand-alone (expanded).On-board graphics processors are directly integrated into the motherboard and cannot be removed.

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Some of the most powerful graphical processing units today are capable of rendering microscopic cellular structure with flawless detail or in contrast, render massive architectural structures in 3D displays.

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