Who is justin bieber dating right now december 2016 Adult chat in dallas

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Who is justin bieber dating right now december 2016

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Sorry—Sofia Richie does not want to talk about Justin Bieber. He nods, then shakes his head, somehow confirming and denying at the same time. This is unfortunate, because at the present time, Sofia Richie, 18, is known for three things: her famous family (singer and father Lionel and former reality star/current fashion-plate sister Nicole), walking in Kanye West’s most recent Yeezy Season fashion show (the one whose casting call was for “multiracial women only”), and, yes, dating Bieber.

When was the last time she hung out with the Jenners or the Hadids? “She doesn’t want to talk about this,” he jumps in again.Scooting into the booth next to Blampied, she smells of cigarettes.She looks young but has an older air about her—until she orders a milkshake of a coffee, a blended French vanilla latte.She’s in that not-a-girl, not-yet-a-woman phase of her life: Her cheeks look downy soft, and a smattering of tiny pimples on her forehead is noticeable only due to the smear of foundation trying to disguise it.If she’s wearing mascara, it is not smudged; and it looks as if a professional may have already done her makeup this morning.

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Richie has been lumped in with Hollywood’s newest crop of “It Girls,” but she’s actually a church girl at heart, and one of the few young rising stars in our celebrity-obsessed, social media-fueled Age of Overshare who refuses to trade personal privacy for a greater share of the limelight.

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